💔 You never know

You never know what a person is going through! People be so quick to wish for what they see, but probably wouldn’t if they actually knew the truth of what that person was going through! You see, when you wish, its not specific so you get the good and the bad! Be careful of what you wish for people when looking at somebody else chance to finally smile and be confident when so many times they couldn’t look in the mirror and like their self, been in so many bad times that they’ve begged God to end their life, or that person driving that BMW! No telling how long they’ve been walking or had to ride buses & thumb rides, but remember you’re hating and throwing shade, wishing to be them when this finally their break through! There’s also those, who say oh she’s so slim, not knowing that everytime she eats its back in a toilet bowl because she doesn’t believe she’s good enough! “I wish I had a man like him” we say, not knowing behind closed doors he beats her until he feels better! “They think their house look so good” says the hater laying low wishing it could be them, who is unfortunate to know that for years, that very couple or family prayed and begged God for a home of their own again! To not be homeless! “He/She think he look so good” says the person wishing they could have those Jordans or toms! I wanted those shoes! Ole lucky ass!” Says the hater, No! How about thank God because out of years of wearing the same shoes and holes developing this person finally has a chance to rock the latest shoes! “She think she better than everybody” whispers the hater, maybe she does because everything with her name on it, she has worked her ass off with no help or support to get it! You damn right she think she better! She deserves too! “Girl she doesn’t deserve him” the haters converse among one another as a woman is proposed to after years of being walked all over and having more heart breaks than relationships has finally be given a man to love her and appreciate her for once! Yeah, I see y’all! I hear y’all! Sometimes when you peep ish you don’t have to say nothing and make yourself known, because not even a lion just jump on his prey!  You learn to listen, watch, observe, & you study when to make the right move!
But hey people, what do I know! Keep looking & wishing it was you instead!✌💋


A blinded🙈 society by a man made reality


How can we have justice & respect from the law when we as people don’t respect one another! As people, we leave one another, turn on one another, but rally together when someone of our race is wrongfully murdered. In my opinion we have been unbalanced as a society when it became okay for fathers to abandon their children, more children in the streets than in schools, when bullying was overlooked, hell when the economy hit rock bottom, but the rich class never loss out or the unemployment rate increased more than it should have! Yes, murder is very wrong especially when you can’t be sure who to call for protection when the protection is hurting the society! But our nation is falling and people are only protesting taken lives by the law when in fact society is killing us all slowly & nobody is paying attention to that! #IJS #DontIgnoreTheSigns
So much is being overlooked and covered up that people are focusing only on what the media brainwashes you to focus on losing sight of your own self,morals, & “land of the free”.