Why do people except so much of people?
I am one person! ONE!
Everybody wants what they want and could care less about your life and needs!
Like damn! Chill! Let me get myself together & do for me!
I am not your therapist! I am not your doctor, realtor, chef, gardner, door mat, etc! I AM BUT ME! ONE PERSON WHO SEEKS TO FOCUS ON ME & WHAT I WANT and not what everybody excepts me to do!

Hello! Note to world, if we could all fulfill our “expectations” we conjur up everybody in the world would be happy and have what they want! Unfortunately, we live in a world that has the good and the bad! This also means that everything is not going to turn out how you wish! ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES TO A PERSON OUT SIDE OF YOURSELF!

Chill with the what you think things should be & learn to be more realistic and considerate DAMNIT!✌


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