Here’s my support!


I think its a beautiful project indeed! It is so many words afraid to be said, people being bullied, people being put down, subsiding there pain when they need to speak up and out! My blog was made to let people know that they are not alone and they’re not the only one that things are happening to! In fact, some things could be worse! So talk people! Express yourself! & also take the time to listen! Because sometimes suicide takes place all because nobody took the time to listen👂


Don’t be afraid to express yourself because of what others think! Don’t subside your pain & hurt, let out your anger when you’re mad, cry when you’re upset! Speak up🔊 & speak out! You’re not in this 🌍 alone no matter what others think or tell you or even what you might feel! Somene needs U! Someone looks up to U! Someone will miss U! Stop being ashamed of your actions or past because mistakes are but what they are! You don’t have to put life to an end because people don’t like you, for continuing to live and succeed pisses them off more!👊

Dedicated to anyone whose ever attempted suicide, know someone, or thinking it!

If no one cares, I do! You are loved💛


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