You can’t clean trash

There is no possible way to clean trash! For if it was not meant to be thrown away it would not have been disposed of. Yet, you have people who believe what’s one man trash is another’s man treasure. Maybe to an extent in some materialistic items but in the human form some 💩 just can’t be cleaned up!

Some (humans) become confined with their surroundings of being dirty and in trash circumstances. Meaning, some people do not want change and would prefer what they have become accustomed to! So I can’t go in and be Mr.Clean thinking I change what these people prefer.

I went into the ghetto one day with this family and ran into this wanna be thug (wearing the same clothes & never having no money but you hustling😂 and your phone be off more than on) in sheep clothing. He was nice to me, changed outfits every time I came over (then they started repeating more frequently than should be) and displayed so much concern and liking in me. Told me he had been liking me, but it was all a joke seem like. I’m not one for trash but I felt he could be cleaned & rescued like a lost puppy🐶 with no home🏠! Brought out of the confinements of the ghetto and taken into the luxuries of life (where meals🍴 could be eaten in the open & outfits not shared with three others) ! His talk was smooth but his actions didn’t follow and before I knew it, a blinded decision landed me in the dirt, but I’m not one to stay dirty so I got up and watched myself off & looked at the lesson that I had just learned! You can’t fix🔧 what doesn’t want to be fixed & you can’t change what doesn’t what to be changed! And most importantly you can’t clean trash and except it to not want to get dirty for it indeed is trash in the first place!

& I also learned that you can’t fit in where you’re not understood! Can’t cook bbq for people who are you used to eating food out of a drawer! Cause that’s what they’ve become used to, so the exception of them changing from MD20/20 to Grey Goose are chances slim to none!

#LessonsLearned #CantCleanTrash #AuthorValleanJackson


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