People are so hypocritical its just truly amazing. No sex different than the other and they’re all double standards and contradictions and things only being shown from one perspective.

How is that a guy can have sex with a thousand females but be called a player where as a female would just be called a hoe.


Again on the judgment of sex; actually waiting. Here’s a hypocritical, double standard, contradiction statement. Guys say that females who give it up quick make them lose respect for the female in some cases. But here’s what gets me, if you lose respect for her, why don’t they lose respect for themselves because they too go along with it just as the female. Because in all truth, in the male species mind they know what they want from you at first sight, so weather you wait 30 minutes or 30 days or 90, the decision had been made since day one in the first few seconds. Therefore I do not understand why guys are so hypocritical towards females.

Here’s another thought, why is that when someone does something wrong, they say, “you should know right from wrong.” And every time my face is just shocked to hear such bull & hypocrisy because who is anybody to say such? When in fact, it takes making the mistake to learn to know not to do it again. I’m sure that all makes logical sense. Then again the world is only seeing things the way they want.

There’s so many examples of being a hypocrite its funny cause people stay in judgment acting like they ish so much better. People have to start learning when some people just putting on for show because if one pays attention it can be honestly noticed that he, or she or they do not have they stuff together no more than the person they’re talking about. The saying is true, while you’re pointing the finger there are 3 more pointing back at you!

Stop being so hypocritical people! Everybody is their own person! What you don’t get or understand might not be for you to!


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