I’m Still in Love


     I was once told that true love never dies and I questioned that. Because if that’s so, why is he with her and not me? Why is it that we seem to have this irresistible chemistry to one another. As though our souls have connected but we don’t know it.
   Why is that his voice alone just mend my spirits when they’re down? When I receive good news after my mother he’s the first I want to know and share it with.  When I’m down he’s the one I want to call because I know how he can rescue me.  How he’s my 6’3 chocolate superman there to my rescue. A man with intelligence that turns me on without a doubt because his intellect just stimulates me so. His looks are handsome but it’s the way he carries his self. Strong minded & hard working. Got caught up in some things that I don’t think he’s too happy about at times, but I just want to be there to tell him that I’ll roll with him through it all. Mistake or satisfied, I love you either way.
   The happiest day spent with you was every moment even the bad cause I had you. It was us. Now that I don’t, I try to let go but my heart keeps holding on. It shouldn’t be this way, you look happy without me cause if you weren’t you would speak up and say so. Right?
    It all sounds dumb when written out but it’s the truth. I try and move on but in the back of my mind I’m comparing every guy to you. Which lets me know that I’m lying to myself and jeopardizing someone else feelings when ik my heart is not in it & ninety percent of the time,  in my mind I’m narrowing down everything they aren’t of you.


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