Health with a price tag


    What has our economy come to? Money carries so much power that its ruining the ability to live almost. Most recent issues of how money is corrupting life is the force of getting health insurance or accept a tax penalty. No one enjoys the IRS breathing down their neck so we as a people try our best to follow the rules. Even if that means taking on insurance one really cannot afford.
    I am pretty sure no wants to not be denied access to a doctor for a check up or a visit to the emergency room when needed. However, money does not flow so well for others. I do not understand why is it that our country does not offer free health insurance/care. We’re the land of the free but we’re laced with so many price tags. 
    I had a representative call me about health insurance and asked what was my income and the basic questions to see what I qualified for. After informing him that I did make anything, you could hear the disappointment in his voice and the phone hung up after him saying, “you qualify for free insurance, go check out” That was it, no further instructions or even a walk through. I thought that was very rude, especially with the fact that this would be my first time ever looking into insurance since I outgrew my recent coverage so I was clueless.
    I went about the website in search of results and possible help and yes I figured it out, but the price of insurance is a hard pill to swallow. I am a struggling college student and working towards my career as well as trying to get myself established. Taking on another bill is something I definitely did not & do not need. (S/o to the working class & children still covered under their parents or people covered by their jobs. This blog might not apply so much to you all.) However, that is what I have to endure to not get a penalty and to get seen in case I ever need an appointment or an emergency comes up.
    Hopefully I stay healthy and fit because about time I reach the quota of my deductible for them to start paying for things they will have probably changed the name of the company. More so, what is sadder than that is the fear to even use the insurance out of fear you’re going to get charged or something is going to get added on. You have individuals afraid to seek medical attention because they know they’re insurance can’t cover it and they surely don’t have the money for hospital bills so they just suffer. (Ex. recent episode of Grey’s Anatomy aired:03/20/14 Season 10) not a real life example but it is a depiction of what is taking place in life with those have health issues and cannot go and get them consulted.
    What happens to individuals who are homeless, how do they get billed? Do they get penalized for not having insurance? when in fact they cannot even afford a home currently. So many questions and so much I do not understand. All I can say is stay healthy people, make better choices when it comes to your health, and if you or your family does not have health insurance already or your current rates are to high visit before the March 31st deadline.
    Pay the note but stay fit and healthy!


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