Have you ever felt like saying s*** to some of the crap that goes on in your life?
     Like seriously question where in the hell did I f*** up and go wrong for so much to be happening? One minute everything seems to be going good and as though things are progressing then comes this slap in the face!
      The questions start to flow and the confusion sets in because there is no clear answer coming about as to explain why such bs is even taking place.
      Ever just find yourself instantly offended by someone’s comment about a situation that relates to you but the person doesn’t actually know what is going on. So he or she is confused as to why suddenly an attitude has surfaced in your demeanor. All this happens because deep down you are angry at yourself, at life or current situation(s). You can’t figure it out. Nobody seems to be getting where you’re coming from. Seems like the world is judging of your flaws and sees the fork that has appeared in your life.
       Why is it that I am more than qualified and want to work but am unemployed?
      Why am I still in school for a degree that is basically a big ass high school and the debt is adding up yearly?
      Why am I single when my characteristics can be more than satisfying to any man/woman worthy and who can see it?
      Why am I staying from place to place?
      Why don’t I have a car of my own?
      Why do people place judgement upon me when their s*** isn’t so quite air fresh?
      Why do I have to depend on others when I am more than independent?…..if only there was a chance to prove myself though.
     The why questions are always rolling because life is a constant challenge. Without challenges, you have no purpose because there is nothing to look forward too!
     More so, no other person on this Earth knows YOUR LIFE MORE THAN YOU! Not even your parents because I’m pretty sure not even they are aware of every secret and detail of the things done or have in mind. So do not let the ridicule of the world dictate choices that contradict you and your believes.
    Be you to the best you know how!


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