Mixed Signals


The phrase of a “committed relationship” has become a distant thought. A mind game almost, far from honesty and loyalty let alone someone to call YOUR significant other or even a spouse. For it seems as though your boyfriend or girlfriend or friends with benefits belongs solely to you from the way he or she treats you. No doubt to ever think other wise of them possibly stepping out on you. Come on people, everyone is human! Just as you might have the desires or tempted by the temptation that is not yours so does he or she. And it all starts the same and ends the same way no matter the gender. Go in liking this person and the recipient action is mutual.  Information is exchanged, things start to progress, somebody catches feelings or a stronger interest than what’s supposed to be mutual. Unfortunately, it’s not because they are not interested, it is because you are not the only person he or she is talking to or they failed to mention they are already in a relationship with someone who they honestly plan on leaving no time soon. But it’s not your fault to have been misled. Can’t be a homewrecker to a relationship where the door was already opened. If you’re invited in why even assume that this person is not single when he or she is treating you how you have always imagined. But that’s the concept of the mind game, to present this and that opportunity in support of themself. Never concerned how the overall situation leaves bruised results that begins a cycle. A cycle of, before I let this happen again type shit.
        The questions start flowing of why me and the blame begins to be placed. Trying to figure how and why this has happened and what to do now! So many questions, but answers that never seem to come.

When does the cycle of being misled stop?

& how much of this is really not true when you think about it? From your own experience or even someone you know who has gone through it or even currently is?


One comment

  1. vanessa hall · February 11, 2014

    I love a good story I even like it more when it relates to me or something I know something about . I look forward to reading.

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