Targeted Confidence

Here I am trying to work out in pursuit of good health and to shed a few pounds feeling good about myself and someone comes along and takes a stab at the one thing I’m working on.  I get ridiculed with stuff as it is already but to add to it only make things worse.

I understand that the world is cruel at times and everybody is valued to their opinions but some shit should be kept to your self. The cliche of if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say nothing at all, still applys which is what I feel about my recent experience. 

See on Instagram people tend to do group rates which is a game where a group of people get together to judge a particular person pictures or whoever wants to be judged and rate them on the scale of 1-10. With 1 being the least and 10 the highest. I usually don’t participate in such activity, honestly afraid of the outcomes because everybody is not me.  But this one day I double tapped to be selected for a group rate. Stepping out there giving it a try for once. Check my notifications and come to find out,  I received the possible lowest scores I have ever seen on my TL. Plus the scores came with jokes at that.  I was referred to as big girl and insinuated to shake it like a salt shaker, more reference to my size. Here I was never denying that I’m no size 5 but I’m also no size 40 the way they made it seem. As though my picture filled the screen and my fat was rolling out the photo it was so bad. I was speechless even as to how to even respond.  Talking about hurt confidence try that one on for size. Truly makes you feel some type of way. However, I’m not about to go kill myself at a gym or taking every pill & shake in the world to please the image of the world. A fool built his house on sand, and only a fool would try and please this world. Because you would surely kill yourself by exerting such activities! Words hurt but it’s how you handle them that determines the outcomes. For I’m still moving forward with the motivation of good health and to continue to work on myself. Not in the pursuit of the world or someone else but because I first wanted it for me and I still do.

People keep that in mind! Stay you regardless of a person’s words! Utilize their negativity as motivation.


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