Wrongfully Married

ImageThere are plenty of stereotypes when it comes to getting married. So let me join the crowd! Honestly, now a days marriage certificates are being signed and vows are being exchanged for all the wrong reasons. Marrying for the money or the sex or the benefits is not what marriage is based upon. No I’ve never been married and my engagement I had I really don’t count that, but not even that was for the right reason. Which is how I know it is not just me and it is not uncommon. Cause for me, I was only talking to the guy in the first place because my ex had got a girlfriend. So after a couple months of being in a relationship, when he brought up marriage I was a go in the effort to get back at my ex and hurt him! As well as the military benefits that would come being his spouse (See wrong reason to go into an engagement let alone a marriage). So when things went wrong and he went left field, it was a good thing. But more so, what about these marriages that have started from engagements like mine or married on behalf of reasons as such or even worse. There is no undo button, well not that is free anyhow. Like seriously, in the old fashioned way of life when people married out of love and the luck of finding their soul mates are what I think marriage should be based upon. Committed to ONE PERSON until death do you part. Not marry someone and cheat because you aren’t satisfied in one except of your marriage or several. You should have evaluated the person long enough to know what you were getting yourself into. Which more so to me pertains to the couples that get married young. For some it works and for many it doesn’t because you have yet to finish exploring life and making mistakes. You have young people that are settled enough at 18 & up to take on marriage, because they have that mind set and will power. Unfortunately, those who do not, take this vow and abuses it. Toying with someone life and possibly ruining somebody else by involving them in a love triangle. Which could result in the worse of things. All because this thing called marriage is seen as just a piece of paper and nothing more than that. 

Sometimes it takes a practice round for some, but usually after practice you know what not to do. Unfortunately, mistakes still occur and the lesson is not always learned. Just to be honest, I think before marriage takes place, people should endure marriage counseling or have been known each other for a certain period of time or have a certain length of an engagement period. Set some boundaries to all this foolishness that is taking place and being taken for granted. Plus there no need to bind yourself to a man or woman for the rest of your life that you feel obligated to take care of that you really do not want to be with. Seriously think this through people. Its becoming a joke but remember, your life shouldn’t be!

Share a bond with someone who accepts you and all your flaws, that can trust you, put you first, and marry you because they value you so much that losing you to anyone else would be absolutely insane. Not because of what you can give them or do for them!


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