You Used Me

   To be used is not a nice feeling! Especially in the sexual realm. It’s a horrible feeling to know that a person was only interested in getting in your pants to catch them a nut and go about their business. With no intentions of getting to know what type of person you are or could things possibly go further. Then the worse part to know you’ve been used is the person’s actions. Was calling & texting but that all becomes just memories. No more short visits to just get a hug or see one another. Was the sex that horrible? Not all that? It didn’t make you want seconds not even a little? Damn! Thought the feeling of interest was mutual until the proof in the pudding proved that, that was obviously never the case.
    In addition to all that is the crazy part of still even thinking or desiring that person even after all that has happened. Sounds crazy but it’s true. I just think at times as humans we aren’t the smartest creatures. And between career(s), money, love/relationships, & sex are the weak points we all suffer from at one point or another. At times just some more than others.



  1. jessicamerie · January 14, 2014

    Been there, and I’ve learned to view it as their loss and I (am trying) not to let the happen again 🙂

    • 7survivor12 · January 14, 2014

      It’s easier to say than have control over

  2. jessicamerie · January 14, 2014

    Very true.

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