While strolling down my FB Timeline…..

I don’t go on there too often, but all I’m seeing is one of four things:
Pregnant for the first time or with their second/third child, babies being born, engaged, or married. I see the four categories are pretty popular now a days seem like. But what happened to the financial stability of it all. Like a career. I understand that a baby or getting married can be an accomplishment as well, but is some stuff too soon?

Don’t get me wrong, right now I would love to be engaged, but I wouldn’t get married right off the jump because I want my finances in order. I don’t want to always rely solely on my spouse. I understand for better or worse but I need stability for myself. I have things I’m in the process of conquering and don’t want to give up on just to fit in with what’s current. That’s not my style.

What’s on you guys time lines? What are the most topics being mentioned? & How do they make you feel?



  1. Kea Arie · February 23, 2014

    My timeline — currently–… Finish school, career, marriage, career again, finding what works/doesn’t work in my marriage and then kids.

    Stability for my children and myself is my primary goal.

    • 7survivor12 · February 23, 2014

      That is a change from what I use to see. Now I do hear things about jobs a little more. Show you how time eventually switches

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