After Sex


How is it that men except woman to just open there legs & not except nothing in return? When in fact woman came from man, and for woman to be with man is a completion in a sense. Its rare that you catch a woman that’s fine with being a man’s after thought or just another notch in his belt. Have sex without some form of attachment coming about.

Most of the time its based on trust to even open up to that point in the first place. Most women are looking to be completed! For its a part of our nature. We’re naturally incomplete! For goodness sake our rib came from man. So to desire a man is natural. Hell we were conceived with the genes from a man and woman. But then the logic & common sense of our generation does not think as such. Man has become so influenced with the image of what woman should look like that they rarely see the inner person of what has made her character!

So when its all said and done, ladies don’t feel bad for wanting to be in the presence of a man. For that indeed is what we were made for. Their pleasure and to be their companion. And its not dumb to ask, “so what are we?” After such indulgent in your nest of passion.


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