Hoe or shall I say Wh***

Another judgment call of the world that people place on you. Looking at your sexual actions to determine who you are. Justification to say that the men you sleep with or is in your presence makes you a hoe/wh*** is how people usually determine such name. Wow is all I have to say because on worldly definitions every female that has ever opened her legs to more than one guy is a hoe/wh***. To have sex with every guy you meet, or tell you that you’re beautiful, or does something nice for you, & sex might be your pay back. No that’s wrong because such action(s) are hoe-a-fied. Listening to the world, even when you married, relationship even, no matter the title you’re a hoe/wh*** for having sex more than one time even with the same man! All the misconstrued opinions of what a hoe/wh*** is. 

But what happened to just being sexual active, or having a high interest in sexual activities. If that’s the case sex addicts or nymphos a re all hoes/wh****!

Do you are or disagree? What makes a person a hoe/wh***?

It’s become obvious that we can’t live in this world without some label to define us. Which tells me that we can’t really know ourselves until we know the label that fits us. Or that’s placed.




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