Christmas Spirit


Maybe it’s me, but the holidays just don’t feel like they used to. People are more sentimental to what can be bought and wrapped than the actual inexpensive gift of time. Time can’t be given back nor replaced. It makes the best memories and the most unforgettable gift. But in addition to that issue is the lack of unity that has faded out the picture of our generation. So much competition is going on that everybody is out for their self. Forget the next person as long as they’re staying a float.

Growing up, I loved my mother putting me in my pajamas and riding me around to see the Christmas lights and decorations in other people yards and what not. Now it’s every other house and maybe two neighborhoods out. Because people are either not in the spirit or too worried about the expenses of the result of Christmas lights added on to an already increasing light bill. The fall of the economy has brought so much fear in living that people are just surviving more so than living.

They say if you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything but in the ways of today we’ve already fallen, so what is there to stand for?

Traditions are wearing thin! Just look at the way people are acting and its just Christmas Eve.


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