Sometimes even your own blood can be against you. The shit hard to believe & harder to accept but its the truth. You have to create your own identity before the world or even those around you try and form you into what they want you to be. That only causes rebellion because you are entitled to be your own kind of you! Choose you before anybody has a say so. Be respectful at all times or as best as possible, but overall stand up for you. Because disappointment, anger, lies or etc, the only person that answers for you is you.


This is for you

Dedicated to those who sometimes want to throw in the towel because obstacles keep occurring in your journey…💙💛


No🙅 to the Rainbow🌈


Equality or complete bullshit? I am entitled to my own beliefs and opinion and I believe that the approval of same sexes getting married is proof that man definitely does not have any respect for the Creator. Yes, we are entitled to happiness and equality, but such change satisfies the “Rainbow” community & their happiness and pisses other people off (is that still equality?) I don’t think so, but I know you can’t please everybody and I would not want anyone to deny me happiness and it would go against their natural rights,but changing the vows that they recite to affirm their marriage should be changed to fit the scenario. At least do not disrespect a church by still uttering the words “what God has put together let no man destroy” when I am sure God did not bring you two women or men together. In fact it is written in the bible that no man should be lovers of another man, but hey I guess that part was skipped over. To each one on, cool be merry be happy, but just know that I have nothing against the two being together just prefer the marriage vows be changed, you all have taken away the appreciation of a God made reflection made from the sunlight and rain and made it so that it cannot be said without the “rainbow” community coming to mind.

Excuse me for appreciating nature and the natural parts of life. No rainbow flags for me only those that emerge in the sky.

No sin is bigger than the other & I will not be the one you answer to. All your actions shall fall on you so be happy and do you, but when it comes to matrimony that should just be considered! #IJS

What are your thoughts…….


RUN🏃 out & tell people if you can. And if you haven’t ordered your book yet, it’s still not too late to order it. I’m open to personal discussions about the book once you get yours in case you miss this one!


Why do people except so much of people?
I am one person! ONE!
Everybody wants what they want and could care less about your life and needs!
Like damn! Chill! Let me get myself together & do for me!
I am not your therapist! I am not your doctor, realtor, chef, gardner, door mat, etc! I AM BUT ME! ONE PERSON WHO SEEKS TO FOCUS ON ME & WHAT I WANT and not what everybody excepts me to do!

Hello! Note to world, if we could all fulfill our “expectations” we conjur up everybody in the world would be happy and have what they want! Unfortunately, we live in a world that has the good and the bad! This also means that everything is not going to turn out how you wish! ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES TO A PERSON OUT SIDE OF YOURSELF!

Chill with the what you think things should be & learn to be more realistic and considerate DAMNIT!✌